Custom Media Manufacturing (Powder & Liquid)

Uninterrupted, rapid and sustainable supply of media ensures a smooth process for biopharmaceuticals from clinical to commercial large-scale manufacturing. As a leading supplier of cell culture media, JSBio is committed to helping the biopharmaceutical industry meet its challenges by providing contract manufacturing services for culture media formulations.

We are committed to meeting your expectations
  • Industry-leading lead time:30 - 45 days

  • Flexible dry powder capacity for seamless transition from small to large scales

  • Lot-to-lot consistency

  • Industry-leading quality system management

  • Increased affordability of upstream processes

Contract Manufacturing Content
Media Formulation Customization

JSBio will prepare customer-provided formulations, modify public formulations, and produce proprietary JSBio formulations for customers. We also offer a contracted media formulation and production service upon request.

Customization of formula components

Formulation components such as glutamine, sodium pyruvate, phenol red, sodium bicarbonate and other ingredients are fine-tuned, added or removed for customization.

Medium form customization

Depending on the requirements, we can customize the media form (dry powder or liquid).

Packaging specifications customized

Several packaging specifications can be customized according to the specific requirements of your project.

Inspection Items Customization

Standard quality control tests can be requested by the customer such as pH, osmolality, solubility, loss on drying, and endotoxin; as well as cell growth performance studies, amino acid analysis, trace element detection, and microbial detection.

Service Procedure

Information Exchange

Sample Testing

Signing Contract

Purchasing Order

Initial needs exchange

Signing CDA

Recipe evaluation

100 - 200 L Sample Testing


Confirm product release criteria

Confirm Quality Contract

Confirm Purchase Contract

Confirm Packaging Specifications

Confirm Logistics and Transportation methods, etc.

Confirm the medium requirement amount

Confirm Delivery date, etc.

Further details on JSBio’s production capacity and manufacturing facility 

Further details on JSBio’s Quality Systems Management