Cell Culture Process Development for Vaccines

Traditional viral vaccine production uses a trans-bottle culture process with adherent cells. This technique has the disadvantages of being limited by cell growth and cell density, low viral yield, high costs, and intensive labor. With the advancement of modern biotechnology and technical innovation from leading vaccine manufacturers, the drift towards applications involving suspension cell culture technologies for viral vaccine production has become an inevitable trend. JSBio has independent intellectual property rights of the suspension cell culture process development platform we use, which can provide overall solutions for vaccine manufacturers. These services pave the way for technological innovation in the industry, enterprise transformation, and upgrading.

JSBio Cell Culture Process Development Advantages
  • Extensive project experience

  • Serum-free, chenmically defined media with independent intellectual property rights to shorten the domestication time and achieve one-step serum removal

  • Application to a variety of cell lines

JSBio Suspension Culture Process Technology including
  • A variety of mammalian cell lines have been successfully adapted to suspension cell growth using our technology

  • Matching serum-free media and chemically defined media

  • Disposable RotaTek Bioreactor Process scale up service

Adherent Cell Suspension Adaptation Procedure

JSBio offers a suspension cell process development platform where we will adapt the client’s adherent cells to suspension growth and provide cell line development services for these cells.

  • Cell banking (standard formulation or custom formulation)

  • Adherent cell adaption to suspension growth (standard formulation or custom formulation)

  • Process development using a shaker platform, monitoring cell

  • Growth and virus production (Cell and viral growth media and process optimization)

  • Small scale process, 2 L Bioreactor

  • Pilot scale process, 50 - 200 L Bioreactor

Adherent Cell Microcarrier Suspension Culture Process

Adherent cell lines(such as MRC-5, Vero etc.) can be used for vaccine production. JSBio can provide the following micro-carrier adherence cell platform services:

  • Matching low or serum free media

  • Micro-carrier process and scale up services

Vaccine Cell Culture media

Suspension Cells

Cell Medium




Human influenza virus vaccine, avian influenza, swine flu, and other veterinary virus vaccines



CD HEK293 374

Suspension adaptation of adherent HEK293 cells and subsequent passage expansion of cells


HEK293 SFM 615

Cell growth and adenoviral expansion in HEK293 and 293F suspension cells

Expi293F and HEK293

HEK293 SFM 616

Cell growth and adenoviral expansion in Expi293F

Insect Cells

Insect SFM 647

Insect cell growth and baculovirus Expansion


CD EB66 488

Broad-spectrum veterinary virus vaccines such as poultry vaccine


CD ST 258

Swine fever, porcine epidemic diarrhea, porcine infectious gastroenteritis, pseudorabies and other veterinary virus vaccines

CD ST PM 199



Veterinary viral vaccines such as bovine infectious rhinotracheitis and bovine viral diarrhea


CD PK15 259

Pig ring, porcine infectious gastroenteritis, porcine parietal, pseudorabies and other veterinary virus vaccines



Foot-and-mouth disease, Newcastle disease, bovine epidemic fever, pseudorabies and other veterinary virus vaccines