Cell Line Development

We make it our mission to deliver stable cell clones and cell pools that generate consistent high yields and high quality products of antibodies and recombinant proteins for the growing biopharmaceutical industry. JSBio has extensive experience in mammalian cell expression and has established many proprietary subtypes of CHO cells to serve our mission and meet our customer's project demands.

Platform Advantages
Proven experts in Process Development

We have been successful in delivering high quality recombinant proteins and antibodies for more than 130 contracted projects. Our customers consistently provide our team with exceptional reviews.

High Efficiency and High Yield

By integrating media formulation and process development, JSBio offers clients a more specialized approach for generating cell lines that produce the most optimal yield, quality, and stability of your recombinant protein or antibody. Using a 14 day fed-batch process, we achieve protein yields of 3 - 6 g/L, even higher in some cases.

Documentation to Support Regulatory Filing

JSBio provides all customers with documentation of single cell imaging, cell division, and cell growth rates during the single cell cloning process to demonstrate monoclonality for regulatory filing.

High Throughput Selection and Fast Delivery Timeline

An integrated medium formulation and process development platform enables JSBio to optimize transfection efficiency, characterize individual clones, and identify the best single cell clones for cell line development for the clients within only 3 - 5 months.

One-Stop Solution: Sequence to Commercialization

JSBio's stable cell line development service also offers molecular cloning of a gene sequence into an expression plasmid, and media optimization services in addition to providing our customers with highly expressing single cell clones. Our media optimization service enables us to be more efficient at process development and scale-up for your project needs.

Cell Line Development Procedure


Experimental Content

Documentation provided

Plasmid Construction

Option1: Client provides protein sequence to JSBio for cloning into an expression plasmid

Option2: Client provides their own plasmid

Sequencing Report

Lab Report

Transfection Pool

Client receives a pool of all clones that were subject to selection pressure for evaluating expression level.

Minipool Selection Report

Minipool Selection

Client receives 5 - 8 high yielding Minipools that were subject to selection pressure for evaluating expression level.

5-8 Minipool Selection Report

Characterization and Identification of clones, Stability Testing, Single clone Selection

Selection of a single cell clone that is identified based on evidence of monoclonality, product yield, growth rate, and stability. A client has the option to request additional single cell clones if desired.

Single Clone Selection Report

Stability Report

Process Scale Up


2 - 15 L Bioreactor Process Development, graduated scale-up, and Tech transfer 

PD Report

CMC Report

Tech Transfer-related materials

Delivery timeline: 3 - 5 months after contract signed

Stable Flow Chart

1. Clients propose their project needs to our team and, together, we decide on a specific project agreement.

2. The client and JSBio enter into an agreement by signing a contract detailing the expectations of the services and products to be provided.

3. Cell Line Development of your protein of interest begins. This process involves: transfection, characterization of pools or single cell clones having high product yield, and identification of the most efficient pool or single cell clone for your biologics needs.

4. Cell pools and single cell clones are then validated for product stability over time.

5. Process development in a small-scale bioreactor to confirm production of your protein.

6. Tech transfer from JSBio to the client.