Supply Chain Assurance

A strong supply chain assurance system helps us to continuously provide customers with high-quality products. We follow the principles of Quality by Design (QbD) to ensure that each of our products meet the quality requirements specified in the documentation provided. These principles rely on scientifically proven proper handling procedures for raw materials, storage and shipping, and quality assurance for each product. QbD guidelines are integrated into our work environment through rigorous training and routine assessment of our staff.

Raw Materials Management

The Raw Materials Management sector of our company is responsible for ensuring that we have a minimum of two qualified suppliers for every raw material we use in manufacturing. Proper handling of each raw material is determined based on its biohazardous risk level; however not all suppliers follow handling procedures this stringent. For this reason, we choose raw material suppliers who are regularly audited for quality control on-site at their facility to be certain that strict testing is being performed on each batch of raw materials we receive.

Product Manufacture

Highly skilled manufacturing personnel trained by a very efficient operations management team

Rigorous testing of each batch of product

Added product testing (trace element, etc.) beyond the standard level of product assessment is available upon request to suit the specific needs of our customers (Additional fees apply.)

Shipment/ Logistics Management

Transportation conditions and data support for transportation concerns are routinely monitored during the shipment process

Established contractual agreements with qualified national and international shipping/ courier companies to meet the space and time requirements of our customers


Our warehouse facility implements a highly regulated temperature control system for ensuring products are kept in optimal storage settings. All facilities are maintained by routine cleaning, disinfection, and monitored by insect and pest control prevention services. Our Lanzhou facility coordinates a partitioned storage system for products needing inspection, qualified products, and unqualified products. The Haimen facility was designed to accommodate a high rack storage system to promote the most efficient use of our warehouse space.

Building Capability and Productivity

JSBio strives to incorporate the most modern technology and advanced equipment used in the cell culture media industry into our facilities as they become available. We develop training programs for preparing our staff to perform each technique and use each instrument that we introduce into our facilities. With our expertise in this industry and responsiveness to customer's needs, we produce and deliver high quality products and services that address all our customer's needs.