JSBio has cell culture media manufacturing sites in Lanzhou and Nantong with both cities serving as China’s hubs for the country’s biopharmaceutical industry. These facilities are equipped with warehouses for raw materials for products with specific temperature and humidity requirements and are maintained with the highest standards of care to meet the standards of the industry and our clientele. JSBio’s logistics team and partners are here to serve our clients in an efficient and timely manner. The manufacturing facility in Nantong was launched at the end of 2021 with a growing global clientele in mind. This facility allows JSBio to manufacture on a global scale as to provide customers with quality products in a timely manner and to serve as a stable product supply chain for all new clients and partners.

We enforce a strict warehouse management system by providing:

  • Warehouse temperature distribution verification and cold storage verification

  • A validated ventilation system and specialized lighting facilities

  • 24-hour temperature and humidity online monitoring alarm system

  • Routine insect and pest control assessment of every facility

  • A stringent platform for managing the operation and manufacturing of product by GMP standards

  • A separate material sampling area meeting the same high standards of product handling that we enforce in our production facility to minimize cross-contamination

  • Established operating procedures for: material receipt, storage, maintenance, distribution, and 5S management to provide our clients and partners with the highest quality of service and product achievable

Nantong Phase II Cell Culture Media Production Plant (CCM2) enforces a well-regulated system for managing storage of products to satisfy cGMP requirements. We utilize a digital system for recording and tracing our materials to reduce human error, use storage space more efficiently, and manage personnel entrance and exit into our facility.  This level of automation and documentation allows us to effectively reduce contamination, as well as ensure that our business be environmental friendly.

Shipping and Distribution

Shipping is the final step in our effort to provide our customers with quality product in a timely manner. We ensure that our packaging and transportation methods are the most suitable for each product and that our packaging materials have undergone rigorous testing. JSBio has established long-term and reliable shipping service agreements with our shipping service providers, backed by strong communication with our logistics team during the entire transportation process. We provide a system for tracking our products which details real-time location, arrival times, and transfer/handling information between couriers for the duration of shipment. Additional shipping service accommodations that we offer upon request include: a variety of shipping container sizes, custom packaging requests, unique temperature control specifications, and elevated international logistics support for clients with very specialized needs.