Facility & Capability

JSBio is a leading cell culture media supplier who is committed to the development and production of serum-free cell culture media, as well as its efforts to innovate in this industry using a full force of R&D capabilities and cutting-edge technology. Currently, the company has dry powder media production facilities in Lanzhou and Nantong (Haimen). JSBio also has R&D laboratories in San Francisco, Singapore, Shanghai, and other cities in an effort to build a global network for innovation in the worldwide CCM industry.

JSBio's Lanzhou Cell Culture Media Plant 1 (CCM1) has been in operation since 2011. Spanning 3,000 square meters, this facility houses biosafety laboratories and the specialized equipment to provide the dry powder cell culture media manufacturing capacity required for meeting the demands of its growing clientele.  JSBio has succeeded in establishing itself as a leading cell culture media producer, while also wielding a proven track record in cell culture process development and scalability for biologics production.  Both manufacturing sites are equipped with the world's most advanced technologies, such as: the ClonePix2 single cell subclone screening instrument, a live cell visual streaming platform, a cell viability counter, and analytical instrumentation to evaluate a multitude of biomolecular interactions. The facility is managed by strict GLP guidelines, as well as a project management team of experts.

Lanzhou Cell Culture Media Plant 1 (CCM1)Haimen Cell Culture Media Plant 2 (CCM2)


Continuous grinding millContinuous grinding mill
Installed blender volume600kgTons level
Annual CapacityHundreds of tonsThousands  of tons
Lead Time30-45 daysShorter lead time 

JSBio's Haimen Cell Culture Media Plant 2 (CCM2) focuses on the future demand for cell culture media in the global pharmaceutical industry. This facility also integrates R&D into its manufacturing capacity and has been in trial operation since the end of 2021. By partnering with world-renowned equipment suppliers, CCM2 was designed and constructed to accommodate the media production and process development demands of a growing global clientele. The entire production process is fully automated providing for maximal manufacturing efficiency, a reduction in human error, and a significant reduction in the risk of microbial contamination. With a capacity to produce tens of millions of liters of cell culture media each year, CCM2 can sustainably supply partners and its growing global clientele with high quality product and services.


JSBio Cell Culture Media Plant 2 in Haimen, Nantong(CCM2)