HEK293 Cell Culture Media

The HEK293 cell culture media independently developed by JSBio can effecticely improve the cell growth and the protein expression preformance of HEK293 cells. These series of product include the  media adenovirus expression and the media for transient transfection platforms.

  • Animal component free, serum-free, and effectively reduce the downstream purification burden

  • Lot-to-lot consistency ensures a smooth transition form the early R&D stage to the commercial production

  • Package size and format, product form (dry powder/ liquid) can be flexibly customized

  • Competitive, faster and sustainable manufacturing capacity and delivery time to meet your request of media from research

    to pilot to commercial production scales

A variety of HEK293 media to choose from

Applicable Platform

Product Name

Catalog No.


HEK293 Adenovirus Expression

HEK293 SFM 615


Support cell growth and adenovirus exprossion



HEK293 Transient Transfection(Electroporation)

HEK293 SFM 616


Support cell growth and transient transfection

HEK293 Transfection Feed


Enhance protein expression

Electroporation Buffer


Transfection reagent and plasmid diluter

Feed B (100X)


Further enhance protein expression

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