Recombinant Proteins Cell Culture Media

Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells have become well established as the primary methods of biopharmaceutical industry. Improving CHO cell growth and protein expression performance is a very important work in biopharmaceutical from R&D to commercialization stage. For CHO cells, JSBio has designed and developed media products for fed-batch, perfusion and transient transfection process platforms. This series products:

  • Animal component free and chemically defined media effectively reduce the downstream purification burden

  • Lot-to-lot consistency ensures a smooth transition from the early R&D stage to the commercial production

  • Competitive manufacturing capacity and delivery time ensure fast and consistent supply

  • Package specifications and product form(dry powder/liquid) can be flexibly customized


CHO Cell Media Selection Guide:

Product Series


Serum Free

Without   Hydrolysate

Protein Free

Animal Component   Free

Fed-batch Media

Supports high-density cell proliferation and high protein yield in Fed-batch process of CHO in suspension

Perfusion Media

Supports high-density cell proliferation and high protein yield in Perfusion process of CHO in suspension

  CHO Transient   Transfection Platform Media

Supports suspension CHO cell high-density proliferation during transient transfection and high yield of expression  proteins

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