Ham's F-12

Ham's F-12 was originally designed for plating of Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell, Hela cell, and mouse L-cell etc. It is based on Ham's F-10 medium with increases the concentration of choline, inositol, putrescine and several amino acids.


For a variety of cell culture applications, JSBio offers a range of modifications of Ham's F-12, as follows:

  • With/ Without Glucose

  • With/ Without L-Glutamine

  • With/ Without Phenol Red

  • With/ Without Sodium Pyruvate

  • With/ Without NaHCO3

  • With/ Without HEPES

  • Other Components Customized

  • Dry Powder or Liquid

 With (+)or Without (-). Dry powder or liquid form can be ordered on demand. Other component content can be customized on demand.

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Phenol Red

Sodium Pyruvate



Ham’s F-12


1.8 g/L






66009-9251.8 g/L-
66009-9291.3 g/L++++-

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