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Leibovitz's L-15 Medium


Leibovitz's L-15 medium supports the growth of HEp-2 monkey kidney cells and primary explants of embryonic and adult human tissues. Leibovitz's L-15 is buffered by phosphates and free base amino acids instead of sodium bicarbonate and contains galactose instead of glucose. This medium is designed for supporting cell growth in environments without CO2 equilibration.

For a variety of cell culture applications, JSBio offers a range of modifications of Leibovitz's L-15, as follows:

With/ Without Galactose  

• With/ Without L-Glutamine

• With/ Without Phenol Red  

• With/ Without Sodium Pyruvate

• With/ Without NaHCO3

• With/ Without HEPES

• Other Components Customized

• Dry powder or Liquid


With(+) or Without(-).  Other components can be customized as required.  Dry powder or liquid form can be ordered on demand.

Product Name

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Components  Description

D+ Galactose


Phenol Red

Sodium Pyruvate



Leibovitz's L-15


0.9 g/L







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