Customized Media

For research and commercial use of recombinant proteins, human/veterinary vaccines and other biological products, we provide low-serum, serum-free, protein-free and chemical defined media to meet the requirements of Chinese hamster ovarian cells (CHO) for the production of recombinant therapeutic proteins; HEK293 cells transient and for adenoviral expression; Vero adherent cells, Sf9/Sf21 insect cells, MDCK suspension cells, 2BS, MRC-5 and other diploid cells for vaccines production.

  • cGMP level and ISO certified manufacturing facilities.

  • Flexible production capacity for fast and continuous supply of dry powder and liquid media.

  • In line with the global quality standard, from raw materials to products, to ensure the consistency of product batches.

  • Custom manufacturing services for formulations and packaging specifications per request.