Celkey® CD Vero 693

Vero cells are widely used in the cell culture-based viral vaccine industry due to their susceptibility to multiple viruses and their relatively easy adaptation to growth on microcarrier bioreactors. The Celkey® CD Vero 693 medium is self-developed by JSBio. It is animal component free, protein-free, without hydrolysate and other undefined components. It can realize serum-free high density culture and virus expression of Vero cells from research and development to commercial scale in spinner flask, sheet or spherical microcarrier process.

Product Description


Medium for Vero cell proliferation and virus expression in human and veterinary vaccines production

Cell Line

Vero cell


Animal component free, protein-free,  chemically   defined

FormDry powder or liquid

Culture Environment


Culture Type

Adherent culture

Storage & Shelf Life

Dry powder: Store at 2 - 8℃, protected from  light. And the shelf life is 24 months from MFG date.

Liquid: Store at 2 - 8℃, protected from light. And the shelf life is 12 months from MFG date.

Ordering Information

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Catalog No.

Pakage Size


CD Vero 693


2 L/ 5 L/ 10 L/ 50 L/ 100 L/ 500 L/ Customized

Dry Powder

Note: Products available in liquid form upon request

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