Food and Mouth Disease Related Culture Media Products and Technology Exchange Training of Jianshun Biosciences

The very first Jianshun Biosciences technology exchange meetings was held in Yunnan. Attendees of the meeting included potential and current customers of the business; as well as the marketing and technical support representatives of JSBio. This meeting was named "Food and Mouth Disease Related Culture Media Products and Technical Exchange Training of Jianshun Biosciences." The following is an overview of events from the meeting.


Representatives of Jianshun Biosciences' technical support team explain how the business implements GMP standards of production and details all relevant experience the company has in this industry.


With nearly a decade of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry under their belt, JSBio experts explain the Quality by Design approach as it pertains to cell culture medium.


At a special session during the meeting, technical experts introduce the application of BHK21 cells and their supporting media to which the "Foot and Mouth Disease Project" owns independent intellectual property rights.


JSBio's team of experts offer technical details on the many suspension cell technology platforms they provide including: BHK21, MDCK, ST, PK15, HEK293, Sf9, and others. Concerning human/veterinary vaccine projects, JSBio offers suspension cell line development, serum-free medium production, Vero serum-free Microcarrier "bead to bead" suspension technology, and process development for their clients.


At the meeting, a team of JSBio Directors reported on the company's current and future R&D and manufacturing facilities. Special focus was placed on the newest production facility in Haimen, which will exceed an annual production capacity of 1,000 tons of dry powder cell culture medium, enabling customers with large volumes of high-quality product. The purpose of this technical exchange was to inform customers of the full range of products offered by JSBio, as well as offer detail on the specific applications of each product and relevant industry trends. The company received very positive reviews about the meeting and attendees expressed their interests in participating at follow up training sessions.


Jianshun Biosciences strives to uphold its "Quality First, Customer Focused" business philosophy. Our hope is to empower our customers to produce high quality GMP compliant products at low cost, on a large-scale,. We provide a personalized pre-sale/ after-sale support service for our customers to ensure your full understanding of each of the products and technologies we offer and developed. JSBio currently has business operations in many countries and is still expanding. We hope to serve all with a need for biologics production.


For a product/technical training session, please contact our sales team by email at market@jianshunbio.comWe look forward to hearing from you!