Thousand Oaks Biologics receives $236 Million for Expansion of Cell Culture Media Development and CDMO Servicing

Thousand Oaks Biologics is excited to announce a new round of funding totaling $236 Million that will be used to expand their CDMO facilities, as well as to fund cell culture medium development for the business. This round of investments was backed by shareholders GoldenStone Investments, CDH Baifu, and several other investors. Ekai Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor for the transaction. Dr. Shun Luo, Chairman and President of Thousand Oaks Biologics said “I am very grateful to the investors who contributed to this round of funding. The biopharmaceutical industry continues to experience explosive growth as biological drugs have become the area of focus in medicine. To accommodate the growing customer demands, we aim to use this funding for expanding our CDMO servicing sector, with a particular emphasis on cell culture media development. The company plans to focus on CDMO service areas such as recombinant protein production and purification, viral infection technologies, DNA and RNA technologies, antibody drug conjugation, and others in the near future. As always, we aim to engage our cell culture media manufacturing strengths to our advantage by continuing to develop strategic partnerships with leading biomanufacturers, providing a full range of CMC services for clients, and producing high quality products that are available for everyone.”


GoldenStone Investments

Established in 2007, GoldStone Investments serves as a comprehensive investment platform of China’s leading investment bank, CITIC Securities. CITIC Securities is among the most influential private equity investment institutions in China, supporting a plethora of industries; including healthcare, manufacturing, industrial energy, Technology/Media/Telecom (TMT), raw materials, the Department of Defense, and others. Goldstone Investments has received numerous awards for its service, as well as been nationally recognized by Zero2IPO, China Investment, China Securities Journal, and other publications.

CDH Baifu Fund

CDH Baifu Fund is an investment platform operated by CDH Investments that specifically focuses on supporting technology-based projects and small businesses. CDH Baifu Fund aims to support new trends, expand business regions, and promote counter-cyclical business strategies. An additional aim for CDH Baifu Fund has been to assist in the fields of semiconductors, specialized equipment, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, and technology throughout the world. To date, the company has invested in more than 100 projects and manages over $10 Billion in assets.


Thousand Oaks Biologics Inc.

Thousand Oaks Biologics, Inc. (TOBio) is committed to building a leading enterprise in China’s Biopharmaceutical industry. The company’s plans for doing so involve integration of raw materials, consumables, pharmaceutical equipment, technical services, and contract production following CMC guidelines to provide customers with a full range of solutions for all their biologics manufacturing needs. TOBio is an international business operated by a business management team and technical staff with decades of experience in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and industrialization.  The company offers CDMO services which utilize the most advanced equipment and technology currently available; all while adhering to the regulatory standards of China NMPA, US FDA, EU EMA, and other region/country systems of guidelines. TOBio has a production capacity of 2,000L for batch culture processes and 500L for perfusion culture processes. Additionally, the Product Development Fill Finish Facility offers pre-filled vial/lyophilization and pre-filled syringe/cartridge servicing to their clients.

Jianshun Bioscienses Co.,Ltd.

Jianshun Biosciences Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 as a subsidiary of TOBio. Currently, it has R&D laboratories and production facilities operating in Lanzhou, Haimen, Shanghai, and San Francisco. JSBio is committed to the development of high quality, high efficiency, serum-free, chemically defined, and customized cell culture media to customers across the world. Along with these products, the company offers process development services for all culture media products. These products can be used in the biopharmaceutical industry for cell therapy, cell culture process development, production of therapeutical proteins, and production of human and veterinary vaccines. As a domestic first-class supplier of industrialized dry powder media, JSBio has served over 200 customers; contributing to over 100 projects in Phase I/II clinical trials, more than 30 Phase III therapeutic protein trials, as well as some that have passed the US FDA/ DMF filing registration.