Jianshun Biosciences announces an exciting new partnership with Hengrui Pharmaceutical aimed to tackle the drug manufacturing shortage in China


At a Strategic Partnership Signing Ceremony, Jianshun Biosciences was proud to announce their new collaboration with the leading drug development company in China in an effort to tackle the drug production needs in the country. Gansu Jianshun Biosciences Co. Ltd. (also known as JSBio) and Shanghai Hengrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (also known as Hengrui) signed a strategic cooperation plan for cell culture media-related technologies. Hengrui is a global enterprise focused on development of biological drugs, as well as, research and development of products for clinical and diagnostic applications.


Hengrui Pharmaceutical attendees for the ceremony included: Lianshan Zhang, President of Global R&D; Xun Lui, Deputy General Manager; and Ruijun Shi, Head of the Process Development Department. Representing JSBio, was Shun Luo, Chairman and President; Louis Cheng, Vice President; Appachu Kodira, VP of QC Operations; and the production development team.

At the ceremony, Lianshan Zhang called attention to the need for all to join forces in an effort to address a common goal. This partnership makes JSBio the preferred culture medium supplier of Hengrui, assisting in cell line generation and optimization for upstream process development of biological drugs and optimization of nutritional and growth components for all specialized media needs. This long-term agreement also enables JSBio marketing of their cell culture media and clinical products with Hengrui. As a joint effort, they aim to develop cell culture media with advantages in both quality and cost for use in manufacturing a diverse array of biologics for treatment of diseases.


Xun Liu, Deputy General Manager of Hengrui, said "Partnership with Jianshun Bio marks a milestone for both companies. By complimenting each other's advantages, we have a much larger space within to produce and innovate. We will take advantage of this mutually-beneficial collaboration to maximize benefits for both parties."

Lianshan Zhang, President of Global R&D of Hengrui, said "We made the decision to partner with Jianshun Bio because we share common goals for innovation and addressing the drug production concerns of China. With cell culture media being such an important factor in biologics manufacturing, finding a supplier with cost and quality advantages over the others is ideal. Jianshun Bio not only provides cell culture media with cost and quality advantages, but also has the innovation potential to continue to meet the needs of this demanding industry. Using a full range of technological resources, this partnership can fuel many new innovations as well."

Hengrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Hengruiis an innovative company who has taken the lead in China's pharmaceutical industry. Hengrui was selected into the TOP50 list of global pharmaceutical companies in 2019. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. established in December 2001. Hengrui focuses on research, development, technology transfer, and technical consulting services related to production, sales, import and export of therapeutic antibodies. While scientific research is an interest of the company, they also possess a highly advanced GMP production facility.


Dr. Shun Luo, Chairman and President of Jianshun Bio, mentioned "This partnership is a testament to the strength of Jianshun Bio cell culture media products that we supply to the Biopharmaceutical industry. We are very happy and grateful to be able to cooperate with Hengrui, a national leader in pharmaceutical drug development. According to the agreement, Jianshun Bio will fully guarantee quality cell culture media products, the production capacity to meet our partner's needs, and to fully support Hengrui's work related to cell culture upstream of biological drug development. We aim to produce affordable medicine to serve patients everywhere."

Jianshun Biosciences Co., Ltd

Jianshun Bio, a subsidiary of Thousand Oaks Biologics Inc., specializes in research, development, production, and sales of serum-free cell culture media. Jianshun Bio excels in research and development capabilities and prides itself on innovation. In addition to supplying high quality cell culture media, Jianshun Bio also provides customers with a variety of services such as: vector design and construction, cell line development, cell line optimization, cell culture process and development and scale-up, commissioned production of cell culture media formulations, and document support for clinical applications. The products and services the company offers focus on antibody drug, cell therapy, and human and veterinary vaccine industries.

Currently, Jianshun Bio has R&D laboratories in California, Lanzhou, Shanghai, and Haimen. The Lanzhou facility is primary facility for dry powder media production.  A Phase II facility for dry powder media production is under construction in Haimen which will be one of the highest degree of automation and the highest production capacity of any cell culture production facility in the world.