JS Biosciences Co., Ltd receives industry certifications for the newly-constructed Nantong manufacturing site

JS Biosciences Co., Ltd opened the doors to a second cell culture medium manufacturing plant in Nantong earlier this year following a third party multi-systems management audit. The audit evaluates the performance and efficiency of management for various business modalities and certifies that they meet the regulatory requirements as defined by the region in which the company operates. Following this audit, JS Biosciences received certifications for Medical Device Quality Management System (ISO 13485), Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001). Shown below, are these ISO certifications as determined by BCC, a third party auditing organization.


Receiving certification for establishing and implementing these systems enables business operation to begin at the Nantong manufacturing site, serving as the company’s second, and larger, serum-free cell culture media manufacturing plant (CCM2). Having these systems in place allows the company to continue to grow and improve in all areas of quality management, to maintain a reputable image in business and among market competition, as well as to continue to provide customers with high quality products and services. JS Bioscience is committed to operating by these standards to develop and produce cell culture media and promotes standardization and innovation of these products. Opening of the Nantong production site sets another hallmark for the company in terms of business growth, as well as production capacity for a rapidly-growing customer base.