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About JSBio

JSBio is committed to becoming a world-class leader in cell culture technology and a supplier of high-quality culture medium products. It is one of the few teams in China that has a complete CMC production and operation system. Since its establishment, JSBio has always adhered to the concept of "Quality First, Customer Focused" by providing high-quality products for partners in the antibody/recombinant protein and human/veterinary vaccine industries. From basic research to commercial stages of therapeutics and vaccines, JSBio's products and services meet the highest quality and regulatory standards of the industry. 

The leadership team of the JSBio are world-class culture medium manufacturers and biopharmaceutical executives. Since the establishment of the company, JSBio has served 200+ antibody/recombinant protein, human/veterinary vaccine customers, including 100+ Phase Ⅰ/II clinical projects, 30+ phase III clinical projects, and 20+ commercialization phase projects.

After ten years of development, JSBio's business has expanded to nearly 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, and has also extended to overseas markets such as Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United States. JSBio provides customers with high-quality culture medium products and related cell culture process services that meet multinational standards, and has also enabled the development of the biopharmaceutical industry.

  • Always strive to become the world-class cell culture technology and product leader and quality supplier to the biological and biopharmaceutical industries.
  • Competence and excellence, humble and respectful, teamwork, and superior service.
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  • History

    In June, Haimen Cell Culture Media Plant 2 (CCM2) successfully passed the certification of ISO45001:2018.

    In March, Haimen Cell Culture Media Plant 2 (CCM2) successfully passed the certification of ISO13485:2016.

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  • History

    In December, Thousand Oaks Biologics announced the completion of a new round of financing of 1.5 billion yuan.

    In April, we held "Conclusion of Civil Construction" ceremony for CCM2 in Haimen. 

    In March, Thousand Oaks Biologics announced the completion of the C round financing of over 400 million yuan.

    In February, JSBio signed a strategic cooperation intention agreement with Henlius.

    In January, JSBio established a Korean joint venture with WSG Group in Korea for the serum-free cell culture medium business.

  • Award

    In May, JSBio was awarded by the China Vaccine Association for its outstanding contribution to the fight against COVID-19.

  • History

    In November, JSBio's cell culture medium won the "Excellent Product Certificate" at the 22nd China High-tech Fair.

    In September, reached a strategic cooperation with Boan Bio, a subsidiary of Luye Pharma.

    In July, fully cooperated with COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers.

    In July, Thousand Oaks Biologics announced the completion of the Series B financing for 450 million yuan.

    In May, a strategic cooperation with Hengrui Biopharma was inked on the development and supply of cell culture media.

  • Award
  • History

    In September, JSBio hosted the 4th Lanzhou Science and Technology Expo "One Belt, One Road -Biomedical Industry Development Forum".

    In January, Thousand Oaks Biologics announced the completion of the A round financing for over 300 million yuan.

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  • History

    In October, JSBio reached a strategic partnership with BTI (Bioprocessing Research Institute under the Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research) to establish a CMC biomanufacturing process development joint laboratory.

    In September, JSBio hosted the 3rd Lanzhou Science and Technology Expo "One Belt, One Road Biomedical Industry Development Forum"

    In August, JSBio successfully passed the certification of ISO9001:2015,ISO14001:2015, and also ISO13485:2016.

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  • History

    In December, JSBio established the leading position of domestic culture medium based on the sales of culture medium.

    In November, JSBio Shanghai R&D Center and Quality Analysis Center were established to more efficiently serve customers in East China.

    In July, JSBio established a long-term supply strategic partnership with China's leading monoclonal antibody company – Genor Biopharma.

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  • History

    In July, JSBio assisted in the creation of the customer's antibody product GMA102 to pass the NMPA inspection.

    In July, JSBio's serum-free cell culture medium products entered the Korean and Indian markets.

    In April, JSBio's serum-free medium products entered the Chinese animal vaccine market.

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  • History

    In October, NMPA Class 1 medical device application got certified.

  • Award

    In December, "JSBio" was rated as "Gansu Famous Trademark" by the Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce, and It was also rated as "Gansu Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base" by the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security.

  • History

    In March, the basal media was recognized as substitution for global brand for domestic vaccine-manufacturing customers.

  • Award

    In August, JSBio’s proprietary media project was recognized by the National Science and Technology Enterprise Technology Innovation Fund.

  • History

    In October, serum-free media made in China launched.

    In August, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified.

    In May, Perfusion platform established.

  • Award
  • History

    In October, serum-free media “made in China” launched.

    In June, the largest cGMP DPM facility in China launched.

    In March, the PR&D laboratory was in operation.

  • Award
  • History

    In June, JSBio was founded, and the laboratory with high industry requirements and the production workshop with cGMP standards began construction.

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Facilities and Capacity

JSBio's facilities and infrastructure are designed to provide the highest level of support to its customers. State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities create quality manufacturing, expanded systems, and enhanced capacity.

Working with us, you will be provided with a comprehensive benefits package, training programs, promotion and career opportunities.